2017 Mark Paris Golf Tournament

Saturday August 12th, 9AM Shotgun Start

Starr Pass Resort



Coleman Mini Bike    Winner: Tim Egan

Walther PK380           Winner: Gene Zavala

Rugar SR-22               Winner: Pete Stead

Sig Sauer 1911            Winner: David Hyatt

Glock 19                     Winner: Darin Elam

Springfield XDS          Winner: George Gleeson

M&P Shield                Winner: Robert Perez

Glock 43                     Winner: David Mitchel

Sig 1911                      Winner: Josh Campbell

Ruger GP 100             Winner: Kevin Corollo

Kimber 45                   Winner: Kenny Hansen

Winchester SXP          Winner: T. Revane

Remington 870           Winner: Ronald Leclaive

CZ Scorpion               Winner: Nelson Thompson

Henry 22                    Winner: Mike Raggio

Mossberg MVP           Winner: Darin Elam

Savage AR-15              Winner: Jason Rhyner

Savage 111 6.5             Winner: Darin Elam

Rugar AR-15                Winner: Trish Brescia

Remington 700            Winner: Robert Perez

Kriss Vector 9mm        Winner: Wade Timmmons

Again, congratulations to all our winners and thanks to everyone who participated.  You have all helped the SADFF have one of our best years ever!! Mark Paris and his family are forever grateful for your support.  

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